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Welcome to the easy to use Cm To Inches Converter and Inches To Cm Converter. This website is a simple calculator to convert Inches To Cm.

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1 Cm = 0.393700787 Inches

To use this distance converter simply enter the choosen distance amount (Cm To Inches or Inches To Cm) into the box below and select what calculator you want. It's an easy way to convert Cm To Inches. This converter is available daily and you can bookmark this for easy conversion for Cm To Inches.

The majority of our users use this site for converting Cm To Inches and we also get a large amount of people from round the world using this site who are confused about the unit of distance (Cm). People also use this for when their measurements only display in Cm (cm) and they want to know how many Inches (") they are.

You can also quickly convert CM to Inches using a calculator at home. First enter the amount in centimetres into the calculator (for example, 15) and then press the muliplication button. Now enter the number 0.3937 and press the equals button (=). You'll now be left with the amount of inches left on the calculator screen.

Looking to convert Inches to Centimetres instead? That's easy too. Enter the amount you have in Inches, press the multiplication button (X) and enter 2.54. Now press the equals button (=). You'll be left with the distance in Centimetres (Cm).